Performance Techniques for Teens  

Grades 5 - 8
Instructor: Carol Murphy

This class is designed for students at various levels of acting experience who are hoping to enhance their knowledge of the art of acting.  The focus of this course will include ensemble building activities, improvisation, scene-study and character development.

Time: Saturdays (8 weeks) 11amn – 12pm, $175
Dates: Fall Semester | September 7 - October 26 | Recital October 30

Performance Techniques for Young Actors 
Grades 1 - 4

Instructor: Carol Murphy

Performance Techniques has been inspiring young actors for several semesters and is back this fall to inspire even more talent and imagination.  Students will learn the importance of working with others on stage, character development and stage presence.  Our experienced instructor will meet your child at their individual skill level through this interactive and action-packed course. Don’t miss the fun!

Time: Saturdays (8 weeks) 10 am – 11am, $175
Dates: Fall Semester | September 7 - October 26 | Recital October 30
Vocal Techniques
Grades 4th - 8th
Instructor: Philomena Ross​​
​ Vocal Techniques is back again!  This interactive course returns to inspire performer to find their voice.  Each student will have the opportunity to learn from our experienced instructor who can meet each student at their own individual level.  Skills such as stage presence, breathing technique and diction will be a focus of this influential learning experience. 

Time: Mondays (8 weeks) 5:45 pm – 6:45 pm, $175
Dates: Fall Semester | September 9 - October 28 | Recital October 30

Do Re Mi Beginners

Preschool - 3rd Grade
Instructor: Philomena Ross

Does your child like to sing?  Do they enjoy listening and moving to the music?  Join our fun music class for the younger musician.  The class will include, singing with movement, playing some rhythm instruments and starting the basics of music theory all while having fun! 

Time: Mondays (8 weeks) 5pm – 5:45 pm, $150

Dates: Fall Semester | September 9 - October 28 | Recital October 30

Musical Theatre Dance

Grades 4-8
Instructor: Lauren Patanovich                      

Come learn all of the basics and have fun learning routines to your favorite Theatre Classics! Learn choreography in a high energy environment and show off a combination at the end of the class series to all of your friends and family on the Grand’s stage!

Time: Tuesdays (8 weeks) 6pm – 6:45 pm, $150
Dates: Fall Semester | September 10 - October 29 | Recital October 30

Classes / Workshops


Broadway Cardio & Audition Prep

Ages: 15 - Adult
Instructor: Lauren Patanovich                      

Do you have trouble when it comes to dance portions of an audition? Come have fun and get a workout while developing your muscle memory in this Cardio Audition Prep Class. This high energy course will feature new combinations every week featuring some of Broadway’s biggest hits! Learn how to pick up choreography quickly and have fun while doing it!

Time: Sundays (8 weeks) 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm, $175
Dates: Fall Semester | September 8 - October 27 | Recital October 30


Once Upon a Time: Acting for Young Actors
Preschool - Kindergarten
Instructor: Carol Murphy​                 

In this introductory class to Acting, young actors will bring their
favorite storybooks to life. Each class will act out a different story
complete with costumes and props! Come out and play!

Time: Saturdays (8 weeks) 9am – 9:45am, $150
Dates: Fall Semester | September 7 - October 26 | Recital October 30​​