The Road Company Theater Group, founded in 1976, is a professional quality theater company located in Williamstown, New Jersey. We are a non-profit, 501(c)3  organization and are the proud owners of the Grand Theatre; built in 1924. This historic theater is being kept alive and continues to bring entertainment to the surrounding community as it did when it was first built. Our mission is to entertain and enrich people by providing a venue for fostering the arts through creative expression, education, social interaction, and community development. We hope to communicate and promote an appreciation of the arts and a greater understanding of our heritage and culture through a diversity of programs designed to benefit the people of New Jersey and the surrounding tri-state area.

Our organization strives to bring affordable quality live theater to the surrounding community. We have partnered with other groups and area organizations to foster relationships within the community. We provide education to the many actors, directors, and technicians that hone their craft in our venue. We work with children educating them in workshops, summer projects and full blown main stage productions. We consider ourselves a training theater in the true sense of the word. With each production, workshop, summer program, or outreach venture we continually teach and enhance all that work with us. We repeatedly seek community involvement and welcome any and all volunteers that wish to join any of our programs. Our shows are attended by tens of thousands of people each year in all different cultural and geographic locations. Our mission is also to keep theater alive in Williamstown, New Jersey and at the historic Grand Theatre.

The Grand Theatre

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