Why go to a courthouse or a sterile municipal hall when you can have a unique theatrical venue for tying the knot? Come to the Grand Theatre for your wedding ceremony before heading off to your reception.  Use our dressing rooms as your bridal suite prior to your nuptials.  Make the day special.  Create a great memory that will surely have your guests talking about it for years to come!


  • A stage performance area that is 42’ wide x 28’ deep
  • Backstage and Dressing Room areas for your performers prior, during and after the show
  • An orchestra pit in front of the stage
  • Lighting and Sound is available to enhance your show’s look, sound, and quality
  • 267 seat auditorium 
  • Fully accessible seating, restrooms and dressing rooms
  • Café area to sell keepsakes and momentos
  • Concession area where refreshments will be served
  • A 45' wide x 28' deep 2nd floor room for rehearsals

 FOR PRICES AND DETAILS Call: (856) 728-2120 or  Email:


Is your company looking for a performance space for your upcoming dance, vocal or music recital?   Do you need a bigger venue to hold a corporate meeting? Are you looking for a unique place in which to get married? The Grand Theatre is the place for you!  

The Grand Theatre has a deep rich history. Originally built in 1924, the Grand was the home for vaudeville shows, silent movies and feature films.  The Road Company has called it home since 1989.  In April of 2008 we purchased this lovely theater, however, in May of 2010, the roof collapsed on the auditorium and stage.  The Grand reopened in 2013 with a brand new space and rave reviews!  The seating, stage, backstage and dressing room areas are comfortable and modern.  The front lobby portion of the building has been 100% refinished. The New Grand is a state of the art entertainment performance arts venue. We have married the old with the new by keeping many of the traditional touches with adding a modern flair. 

It is expensive to keep this beautiful theater going. That is why we are committed to bringing this venue to you for your upcoming event.  We have many dates during the year where we, ourselves, do not have a production showing.  We are continually looking for other groups that need a space.  Contact us today to discuss the details!

Rent the New Grand Theatre