Happy New Year to our friends and family of the Grand Theatre. We hope that in these unprecedented times, you and your family are staying safe, healthy and happy. The Julie Awards have always been a time of celebration, reflection and gratitude. We were so excited about bringing that joyous occasion back after a 2-year hiatus due to this ongoing pandemic but, after much consideration, we have decided that we will not be hosting the Julie Awards 2022 this year. Your health is our number one priority and, as much as we would love to gather, it is just not the time to do it! 

We, the Board of Directors, would like to take this time to say THANK YOU! Thank you for keeping the Arts alive on our stage!

To our Performers: You grace our stage with your talent, energy and passion night after night and deserve the biggest standing ovation! Thank you for using your gifts to help us bring spectacular performances to our community!

To our Production staffs and crews: Without your abilities, talents and expertises, our stage would be empty, dark and simply not functioning! You are the backbone of every performance and without you it would be impossible to bring our shows alive! 

To all of our Volunteers: You help us operate everywhere from working the Box Office, to greeting all our guests, to building our sets! Thank you for volunteering and helping us maintain a clean, safe and entertaining environment. The Grand would not work without you! 

And finally, to our Subscribers and Patrons: You helped us keep our doors open! You gave us sold-out performances and raved about our theater. Even without shows being produced, you kept supporting us! While many businesses have faced hard times, you have helped us to sustain and keep going! 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You all have proven that TRUE community can and will survive through anything!  So today, take a bow and receive OUR appreciation. You all deserve a Julie Award! 

Thank you for proving that “Together we are GRAND!” 

 See you at the theater!!!!!