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Caity Brown

Annette Raleigh

God of Carnage Trailer


Michael Novak

The tag line for God of Carnage is “a comedy of manners without the manners” which I thought was incredibly fitting not only for this play, but for the current state of our world. So, when I was asked to direct the production, my first thought was how can we see this play through the lens of the world we are living in right now. The challenges were many. Live theatre itself has been struggling to find safe ways back into everyday life. I am so grateful to The Grand Theatre and to my amazing cast and crew for constantly navigating these waters with me. From Zoom rehearsals, socially distanced blocking, and a plethora of different mask options, we have really devoted ourselves to finding ways in which we can successfully put on a show. As a school teacher, I am fascinated by the relationships between parents and children and the lessons that parents intend to teach their children and the ones they do not. “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” takes on a whole new meaning in this piece as we see how quickly a conversation can turn into a confrontation when our own abilities, egos, and relationships come into question. Are adults truly any better at handling hard situations than their children? How much are they listening to what we tell them to do compared to what we show them? We asked ourselves these questions and many more during our rehearsal process and we hope you enjoy the final result. If nothing else, we implore you to remember sometimes, the best thing we can do is laugh at the ridiculousness of the situations we find ourselves in. Even if it is only to stop us from crying over them. Thank you for being here and enjoy the show!​​


Veronica Novak

Directed By: Katie Knoblock

Produced By: Paula Farrar

Stage Manager: Jeremy Wright

Creative Team

Craig Bazan

Alan Raleigh

March 11-21