The Road Company Diagonal Team is a company research team designed to be a liaison to all facets of the community by listening, learning and understanding how we can better help to meet its needs and make the theater arts more accessible to all members of our diverse culture. Through roundtable and focus group discussions, we hope to grow as a company by building and strengthening a healthy relationship with our community by making the theater more approachable and attainable for our patrons, artists, directors, technicians, administrators, and educators. In doing so, the Road Company will be able to provide more relevant programming, develop stronger educational programs, provide sensitivity training to its staff, and open countless equal opportunities for all people of color, race, age, disability, gender identity and belief.


Director of Diversity and Inclusion,

Diagonal Team Leader


Danielle Harley-Scott, native of Sicklerville NJ, is a millennial leader with a goal to be a difference-maker wherever she goes. Her fearless attitude has allowed her to advocate for others, inspire change and empower those behind her to simply “BE” who they were created to be. As an Artist, her aim is to love and serve her audience while obeying The Mandate to be salt and light, light to pierce darkness and salt that can heal the wounds of a broken society.

You may know Danielle as a “Road Company Regular” who has been performing on our stage for over ten years. Her most famous Road Company role was Celie in our South Jersey’s premiere of The Color Purple. While Danielle enjoys performing and helping others, her favorite and most treasured role is Wife to Kevin Scott and mom to Kevin Anthony. After a long day of helping others she enjoys hanging out with her family watching movies, laughing and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Since she was a child, Danielle has loved the arts. While attending Liberty University, she learned to blend her passion for the arts and love for people to perform pieces of art that are life-changing and entertaining. After returning home to begin a new chapter in her life, Danielle co-founded Unstoppable Players, Inc., a non-profit production company. She is the Artistic Director while developing the season, directing children's theater, teaching acting classes and directing the summer camp shows every year. When Danielle is not on stage, she is the Curriculum Coordinator at Little Lights Daycare.

In 2016, she founded a Women’s Empowerment Group, “You Glow Girl”. She has hosted various conferences, symposiums and small groups to empower women from all races and generations to be Fearless. She uses that group to reach women from all walks of life from women shelters to women in the corporate world. Danielle has been very successful with helping women become the best version of themselves.

Danielle also serves faithfully at her local church. Growing up as a Preacher’s daughter, she learned that everyone deserves to be loved and accepted. At her church, she serves as a Youth Group leader and a worship leader. Both roles give her the opportunity to do what she does best - encourage others.

“There are two types of people in the world right now, those who talk and those who do! While talking is great, there’s not enough doers, I’m really excited to be a part of The Road Company who has decided to DO! Together we will not only inspire change, we will BE the change! I can’t wait to look at our stage full of performers, our seats full of audience members and our staff full of workers who represent the world. Yes, I can see it now… a building full of people representing every person in the world no matter their race, sexual orientation, religion, body type, disability or age! It’s not far fetched. It’s right within reach and, when it happens, we truly will be GRAND!!!”